When we dream, we come into contact with our unconscious mind, which appears spontaneously. Our dreams try to bridge the gap between the conscious and the unconscious mind. Dreams talk about individual issues and also about collective issues and, for this reason, our psychic world is greatly influenced by social events, as we can see today, when we remember our dreams and see their intensity.

We are living a pandemic on a global scale, caused by Covid-19 – an unprecedented situation that also presents itself in our psychic life. We can access our psyche by remembering dreams we had before this situation, dreams we’ve been having now and those will have in the future.

In search of a greater understanding of the functioning of our psyche in the current world situation, we are making a survey of the maximum night dreams (those we dream when we are sleeping) throughout this year. These dreams, narratives and experiences, intertwine in the context of a pandemic caused by Covid-19 and make us find connections between dreams and the different ways of perceiving the same phenomenon in the individual and collective psyche.

The focus of this work will be on the themes that present themselves in dreams, not the specific content that is personal to the dreamer. And your dreams, shared anonymously with us, is the raw material of this project.

All our dreams are extremely precious, and you can be sure yours are too! You will help us reconnect with the ancestral wisdom of this world and its essence, and contribute greatly to our study!

The project aims to capture the dreams of people from all over the world (of all age groups, genders, religions, races and socioeconomic conditions) anonymously, in order to carry out further research on the most common contents and themes that present themselves, building a network of dreams, a continuous loom of our collective psyche.

We will collect dreams throughout the entire year of 2020. After the collection period, a study will be carried out based on Jungian analytical psychology, bringing aspects of the social unconscious to the conscious.

The reflections and questions raised from this study will be made available on this page and also on our Instagram.

In the meantime, you can follow our Instagram page, where we will be talking about tips on how to register your dreams there and all the curiosities about this other world that inhabits each one of us.

Let’s try not to judge it or making them more or less important. All dreams are precious for the deeper understanding of our psyche and to add a lot of value to our research.

Who will have access to the dreams we collect?

All content received will be kept confidential and will be used for research and future scientific publications anonymously, preserving the identity of the people who collaborate by sending their dreams.

If you want, you can authorize your dream to be shared on this website and on our social media, also anonymously.

What other information will I be asked to share in addition to my dream?

Title of your dream, country and city where you had the dream, date you had the dream, your age, gender identity, images that attracted your attention and associations that will help to deepen the content of dreams.

Let’s find out what our dreams have to say to us together?